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I’ve had one of Lands End’s packable down jackets for a few years now and love it. In addition to being lightweight and packable, it really is warm and toasty. 

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I don't own a Land's End packable down jacket but I do own one that I bought at Sears Canada last summer I also bought my husband a packable down jacket and both of us packable down vests at Sears Canada last winter before they went out of business.


A packable down jacket for a Las Vegas trip in January is a good idea. It can be cold in Las Vegas in winter and a lightweight jacket that doesn't take up a lot of room in your luggage is what we brought with us last February.

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I own a Lands End packable jacket.  I have always carried it with me when I travel during the fall and winter.  I’ve worn it in NoCal and Fl and everywhere in between.  I found you never know when you’ll need it!  It’s also my everyday fall/winter coat since I live in the Northeast. It washes well and is easy to move around in.  My coat is slightly longer than the one you chose and has a hood.  You can’t go wrong with a packable down!

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Re: Packable Down Jackets

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@greeneyedlady .. I have 2 Michael Kors packable down jackets.  Purchased them from Macy's.  Have had them for about three years.  I really like them.  



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Eddie Bauer is having a 50%-off sale right now. They use the best down in their coats. @greeneyedlady

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Costco has coats at great prices, check them out.



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Travelling in January? Just wear your down jacket. Then you won't need to worry about packing it....wear it.

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Re: Packable Down Jackets

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@greeneyedlady wrote:

The Lands End jacket is $109 which is ridiculous, but doable at 40% off. 

Actually, $109 is an excellent price for a down jacket. You're not going to get quality for $40. My Eddie Bauer down sweaters (which is essentially what a lighter weight jacket is) were closer to $200, which is still reasonably priced for what you're getting. 


BTW, the jacket you're looking at is temp rated from -9 to +14. It's a really warm jacket. The average high temp in January in Vegas is 58, with an average low of 34. That's coolish, but hardly cold enough to require a down jacket, particularly this one. If you have significant other opportunities to need a warm winter jacket, fine, but I wouldn't buy one for a 3 day trip.  

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@greeneyedlady, check your e-mail.  I just received an e-mail from Lands End for 50% off one item. 

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