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I was just channel se

surfing and saw a few of the SUSAN GRAVER tops. I cannot believe the prices they are selling them for! $45.00 for a tee shirt???

There were a few others~almost all over $50; there was one on clearance ~ at about 48.00!

i have had to purchase an entire new summer wardrobe as, I’ve lost 80lbs...YAY! Actually it took a lot of hard work and discipline. I digress. 

I’ve  purchased tops, jeans, lingerie/sleepwear at Macy’s or Lands End. The prices are much much lower! And they have a coupon or general % off. QVC never does anything like that. 

The prices across the board here are rising more than brick & mortar or their online equivalent. I’m disabled to a point & navigating all the people at a mall is quite difficult. So, I have to order from the online site or, here. 

I just can’t get over how high the prices are going up on clothing. And; to be fair,it’s all mostly brands!

Am I the only one who feels this way?? The powers that be, need to know!

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I totally agree with you.  Prices are up everywhere but brick and mortar stores often have good sales and some do coupons which helps the price come down.  I shop Talbots and their prices are through the roof now but they often have 40% or 50% off an item, etc., and that is when I buy.  Their sales bring the prices down to what I can afford.  Those who watch Q exclusively and do not shop elsewhere have been conditioned to accept these high prices as all brands on the Q have gone up, including D & C.  SG is crazy as is LOGO.  How about Lands End, now have 40% off - brings things down much cheaper than Q and over $50. you get free shipping!  Their are choices; I rarely buy clothing on Q anymore.

p.s.  Quacker Factory is on now and is showing a T shirt for $46. plus $3 shipping; $49. for a floral T-shirt?

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I agree.  I am watching Quacker Factory now, and the price of a tee shirt is $50.00.  I realize that there is some embellishment, but that is a bit high.  I still purchase some clothing items from QVC, but I also shop at a few discount stores.  I find that the prices are more reasonable, and no shipping.  It is all a matter of taste and opinion.  Some people do not like shopping in stores and malls.  

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Susan Graver is totally out of hand.  95% of the items she sells if at $49.00 and up.

Not finished inside and rediculous.


Too many Quote Designer's on the show and their clothes are all made in China.

profits fo vendors and QVC are soring and I have stopped buying a lot of clothes from QVC and will never buy jewerly from them.   Go to Jewerly TV and look at their prices and the quality of goods is wonderful.


Sorry QVC you are the problem not the consumer.

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First of all - CONGRATULATIONS! on your weight loss!  That's awesome!  I agree - I have a hard time spending over  $30 on a t-shirt.  Denim & Company is also going down that same trail - quite a few of their items are starting to get a little ridiculous in price - easy pay or not.

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Right now, I actually have more clothes than I can wear and for what fits my body and my life style, I'm not all that unhappy with what I put on, so in a way I've been sort of insolated from all the price increases I see everywhere I like to shop.


By the by, I'm still wearing Susan Graver from years ago -  and not much at all from the cheaper stores.  On a cost per wearing for day-to-day pieces, I haven't found anything better or cheaper.  I'm quite certain I'd pay the current prices if I thought for a minute I could justify to myself buying anything!

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Unfortunately, prices are going up everywhere.


I remember probably 15 (or so) years ago when Quacker had a TSV. It was a set of 4 sequined themed t-shirts, plus a nice straw tote for just under $30. I realize that prices have gone up over the years, but $40 and $50 for one shirt? Nope!


Even Denim & Co, which I always thought had good pricing, has gotten out of hand. 


Another one that has crazy pricing is Coldwater Creek. Years ago I bought quite a few pieces from them and they were kind of high then. But now? about sticker shock. I saw a pretty blouse I would love to have but it's $89.95. Not gonna happen!!



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No one has to pay these prices.  There are plenty of ways to shop online with retailers who offer a much better price point.  I agree that for most of us, it's fine to purchase an occasional unique item from these shopping channels, but I'm seeing less and less here that is unique.  I can find most every style elsewhere if I put forth the effort.  I'm not about to beg any one retailer to lower prices, especially on clothing that I can find on any corner for less.  Why would they?  And, why would I bother with them?  Clothing discounts are numerous at storefronts,  That's an excellent way if you need to stock up.

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I'm pretty sure those powers that be already know what their prices are.  The customers that QVC wants don't have a problem with their prices.  Fortunately, those who think QVC prices are too high have many many other places to shop.  Their choices are endless.  QVC isn't the only retailer in this country.  It's not even the only shopping channel.  Evine's prices are more in line with what I want to pay for summer clothes.  

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I just came on to write about how expensive QVC clothing prices are. Some brands are WAY to expensive for what they’re offering. $152 for a denim shirt?? Jeans over $100? What happened to the Value part of QVC?