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Sitting here watching Graver for a few minutes before I go to Bed & bath

all her stuff is over 50. To many florals and big bold prints ! What's with that

tropical swirly top? Make anybody look like a barn. Those big ol' flower print pants with big pink roses.  I used to like her clothes.

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Her pricing is going up. Isn’t everyone’s though? 


Must say though, some of those large florals and loud prints are things I never see

anyone actually wearing. Kooky and Krazy, sorry Susan.


I like what I do have of hers. But, there is plenty that I just shake my head at.

I do believe the pricing is pretty steep sometimes and shake my head at that too!

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Seems everything is costing me more and more these days. Each month my basic bills, like utilities and food, get higher and higher yet my income stays the same. I find myself looking for more ways to save money and that means limiting purchases from home shopping networks. I feel like I've been forced into buying from places I don't normally spend my money but it looks like that is a trend for me now because, frankly, I can no longer afford most of the clothes the Q is offering....even when they put them on sale.

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OMG, I KNOW - crazy - $77 - no way

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And its just liquid knit?