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Wow there are a lot of harsh comments about what Jayne was wearing for the morning show on Monday.  I guess picking other women to pieces must be the national sport for a lot of women.


All I saw was a woman wearing what I thought was a nice pair of jeans that she looked good in, a couple of tops she was modeling for her job, and a vest that was sort of out of season.


Jayne looked fine, the tops were fine to me but apparently not to a lot of viewers.  In today's world, I thought it was a cute and casual look, nothing remarkable or horrible.  Her hair was cute too!


Poor Jayne--she does a great job and then gets this sort of reivews.  She probably doesn't care because she must know she doesn't deserve it. 

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@Sooner.  I'm sorry if you read our comments wrong.  At the point I commented no one was critical of Jane.  As you said we were commenting on what she was wearing.  We said we enjoy her.  Our comments were on how the stylist put together her outfit.  Even you just said that her vest "was sort of out of season".   The criticism was about how the inseam of her jeans was extremely long even for her long legs (she often comments on her long legs).   The jeans appeared to be turned up more than once and still they hung down over her shoes looking like she might step on them.   


Jane is a professional.  She wears the clothes given to her by the stylist.  Their decisions do not always look the best on every body.  If by chance she read these comments I am sure she would not have been offended.  She is a lady who states things as she sees them or not at all.  I trust her sales pitch more than many others and listen carefully to her words.

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So was it Jane or Jayne?

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It was JAYNE just as the headline says

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Jayne dosesn't read this board and if she did; she'd laugh.  She would not care one little bit about anything anyone said about her on this little old   First, she was wearing what the stylist put on her and that stylist dressed her to sell stuff.  Jayne's like Leah, they wear what they are told to wear because that's the job.  I saw a few minutes of her show and the jeans were just jeans.  But she didn't the TSV was another matter.  That top just isn't flattering on anyone with a real body.  A woman has to be thin and straight up and down, with no hips and no booty to look good in it.  My friend was here for while and cracked me up, she's a size 8 but she's curvy.  She said if she wore that top with the butt ruffles, she'd go around singing  "bend over let me see you shake a tail feather"  because she'd have a turkey   

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It wasn't a nice thread.