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PM Style Presentation ... QVC should be ashamed!!!

I can't believe the line up for tonight's PM Style includes that Gossip "Michele" Watch (J153715)!!!

I know QVC is a business out to make money, but how dare they continue to sell an item that is clearly defective!!!!! {#emotions_dlg.ohmy} The reviews speak volumes as well as all the negative posts that were started here on the forums about the watch. I ordered two of the watches and BOTH of them fell apart. Pins came loose right out of the box!

There is no doubt the majority of the watches they will be hawking during PM Style Monday will be RETURNS! (and Lisa will continue to rave about how great these watches are!!) Most customers will be receiving poor quality watches that they will in turn have to send back.

I really thought QVC had more class than that. They should have pulled this watch from ever airing again until they fix the problem, not try to unload all the returns they've had thus far! Not cool QVC, not cool! {#emotions_dlg.mellow}

---Italia! Kiss