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I think Amy stran should be Lisa's replacement for PM Style. Sandra is to boring. Sorry Sandra. Plus QVC needs more new clothing items. You show the same items to much and so much of it is so old fashion.
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Had to change channel last night. Sandra was talking too much and too fast. Ruined the whole pm style for me.

I usually love her.

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IMO...I disagree. I think she did a really nice job. Give the girl a chance to get into the 'groove' of this show. She is following Lisa and her personality and style. She will do just fine. and, having Courtney still with PM Style...I think this will work out.

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I agree.....out of all the choices i think Amy would be the best replacement.

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I wouldn't mind any/most of the hosts, as long as they slow down their pace and manner of talking. PMS has been a rather relaxed, slow show. I believe the hosts are given plenty of time to present each item. Not too much rushing around. JMO. Maybe the producer (or program director, etc.) could occasionally instruct them (via their ear piece) to 'slow down' a bit. That would be a big help, IMO.

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I agree Sandra talks too fast but so do ALL the QVC hosts now. Must be on orders to get as many products in the show as possible. David, the Keurig vendor, and just about all the hosts and many vendors speak way too fast. Not enjoyable to watch. I do like Sandra and think she would be good on PMS, but I think they should rotate hosts for a while.

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Amy Stran is a bad choice in my opinion. They need a brand new face.

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Good Lord, I can't imagine sitting and watching three hours of clothing! LOL
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I think Sandra does a good hosting job of PM Style. Amy is too ""ditzy"" for me. It's not the host that's boring. It's the merchandise.
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Sandra is horrible, she talks to fast, and stumbles to find words to describe a product. I have toned down my shopping at the Q for many reasons 1 not interesting anymore 2 S&H is too high compared to other shopping channels also hardly any easy pay on very high priced items, and 3 the hosts are boring. I tune in for laughs now and than bc that is what it is good for lately what a shame.