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@catwoman48 wrote:
@Effie54, bet that was when they had all the beautiful Victor Costa evening wear! Evening Enchantment: what other designers were featured, do you remember? Not sure Bob Mackie was selling evening wear on QVC then. Feel free to refresh my memory. My, do I miss dressing up.

Yes, Victor Costa was one of the designers. I forgot some of the others...but they were fabulous with sequins, palazzo pants, evening jackets, long dresses. It was wonderful when people dressed up! I miss those days so much! Evening Enchantment was my favorite show! Kathy Levine often hosted it. 

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I remember a long time ago Joan Rivers was selling her clothing line and she said something about going into a bank and wanted to do business with a woman who dressed neatly and didn't look like a slob. That always stuck with me. When I'm in a Department store or Bank I want the people to dress appropriately and not look like they rolled out of bed, including Starbux
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I saw someone wearing PJ bottoms at the grocery store.  I think that’s the first time I noticed that.  I know people here mention seeing it.  I remember when track suits and athletic gear were considered a no-no to wear to stores.  Now that’s become normal.  I suppose things are always evolving.  Pretty soon maybe we’ll be wearing universal clothing that we can shop or sleep in.  It sounds like we’re heading in that direction. 

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We used to have a very high end, private and not part of a chain jewelry store.  And they would not let you in, if you were dressed messy or dressed as a slob.  This store had the most expensive jewelry in the state.  They are now closed.