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Where do you live?  If you live where it's warm and you are going to wear an open toe shoe/sandal, I wouldn't wear hose.


If you are in a cold climate and are going to wear a closed shoe, I would definitely wear hose.  If the dress is black, you could get a nice pair of sheer black hose.


I would never wear a boot with a tea length semi-formal dress.  The 2 just don't go together IMO. 


Even in the south where the weather is warmer, any event for either a summer or winter event requires keeping the rules of decorum in good taste.  Regardless the weather, panty hose will be appropriate for an event such as she will be attending. 

I know they are appropriate but in warm weather, one can get away without them.  I see photos on social media of women in Florida, at events, in dresses, sans pantyhose.  They still look very nice.  

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If you're wearing a closed toe shoe, pantyhose would be fine, if that's what you're comfortable with. I'd choose sheer black hose. Going without hose is also fine.


If you're going to wear a strappy, open shoe (a fancy silver or gold sandal, for example), then I'd go without pantyhose. But if you want to wear them, I'd choose a sheer natural shade without toe reinforcement.