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You've gotten lots of good suggestions. 


I've donated a lot of clothing over the years and, mostly, I've taken it to charitable organizations.  When I quit working I must have had 30 well-made suits that went to a "dress for success" type group.  Many Story Book sweaters, too.


The few times I tried a consignment shop, things didn't sell.  And, they were lovely items.  Suede jackets and such.  But, they just hung there.  People shopping these stores want the best stuff.


After that, I decided it was just easier to "let them go."  I have never tried selling anything and never would.  Just prolongs the agony of getting rid of things.  Mostly, I want them out of my house!


Over the weekend, I went through several drawers of jewelry, boxed and bag all but the nicest pearls and gold, and put it in a large plastic container.  There was a lot!


Some of the items were never worn...Jay King necklaces, earrings, Honora pearls.  Bought and never worn.  Shame on me.  I have no interest in them now and only wear a few small pieces of jewelry when I do wear anything.


Anyway, they are now set for donation to a local animal rescue that sells jewelry at it's fund raising events.  I was delighted with myself for getting this done!


I've found as I age, I have less and less attachment to "things."  Now, I just want to get rid of all the clutter!

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I agree 100% with everythng you said. I just donate everything. Once I go through and purge, I just want it all gone, like immediately. I have already spent the money, so if I'm not using the items, then that's on me and why hang on to stuff, just because I spent money on it. Get it out of my house and enjoy the freedom of less stuff.

"To each their own, in all things".
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@dooBdoo Many thanks for adding useful information about donating to shelteres.

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I donate clothing to Purple heart, but now I'd like to donate to the shelters.  I have brought some clothing at work too.  The campus donates "nice" clothing for people to wear on job interviews.  I think it's such a great idea.  

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I know I hate to part with clothes that I bought and never wore, but they must go. I usually donate, even dated fashions to homeless shelters or places where they recycle everything,soups to nuts. I don't want to leave my son with a hoard of clothes to dispose of when I depart, so I have gotten rid of stuff I know I will never wear. When my MIL passed we had such a mess to deal with, I vowed I would never do that to my son.

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Take all that unworn stuff to a consignment store.  They are catching on around here.  It is hard to believe St. Vincents and Salvation Army are junking unworn and/or good condition clothes.  Around here they dump badly worn items.  

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Here’s my two cents, since I just went through this after retiring: our consignment shops are very very picky. Even though my things are in very good condition and in style they didn’t sell. So it’s Dress for Success and local women’s shelters for me. I am unsentimental about stuff. If I need something I’ll buy it again. I will probably purge again in the winter. This includes shoes coats boots and costume jewelry. Let it go.