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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

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@Andreatoo Unbelievable from your boss!  I guess he may be shutting the practice down based on HIS health issues and age, and that he had no other attorneys in the office as I understood it, but what a rotten thing to do at this time.  I hope he gave you a generous severance and that you check with an attorney before signing anything.


Please take care!  Just unbelievable that he did that now.  No words, or I guess few words.


Make sure to eat and rest.  Some music may be called for here...


He made some lame comment about a four figure check! Lol I'll be looking into it but as you may know Florida is a right to work state so......But I'm definitely not cashing anything until I know for certain what's going on or what I can do


I followed up with a new cardiologist yesterday and with my nephrologist today. Things are stabilizing or I should say are stable for now and so we can hold off on the dialysis

Couldn't get a callback from my cardiologist so I called Mount Sinai and they hooked me up with a Dr. Fuentes. Sure it's a generalization but I have always had very positive experiences with Latin doctors. Less ego, much more down to earth and personable.

Needless to say I now have a new cardiologist 👨🏻‍⚕️

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

@Andreatoo   Just seen your post - so sorry you lost your job but think of this as a time for you to recuperate and to think about your next steps in the very bright future awaiting you.      

I recently saw Maroon 5 and all I can give you is 'Moves Like Jagger' can't get it off my mind - not too restful - but the first line of the lyrics 'just shoot for the stars'  is what you'll soon be doing.  Keep well.

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

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@Andreatoo @Icegoddess @ROMARY @NYCLatinaMe  and Ladies,


I spent the day with the artist/crafters.  I stopped to look at a woven black scarf!!!  (ME black-never, lol!!!), and the other colors drew me in!  I also got a deep purple scarf accented with turquoise.


I would LOVE to have that true green poncho!!!


This is the work of Vickie Vipperman, Weaving Studio

You are looking at silk or bamboo.


Which color combination do you like??????




Vickie Vipperman | American Craft Council

Vickie Vipperman gallery 1 of 5


Vickie Vipperman gallery 4 of 5



Myself, my DDIL and my 7 year old Granddaughter all would want an wear the first one.  We are such purple people.

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!



I'm so happy that you're stable, take care. Heart

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

Sunday's look.  The skirt is the G by Guliana Tulip Skirt.  I have to say, the more I wear it, the more I dislike it.  There's a flap of excess fabric inside due to the fact that the skirt is a functional button all the way rather than tacking it at the hem and cutting that excess fabric off, if that makes sense.  Anyway, that excess fabric flops between your legs as you walk.  I wear a half slip with it which helps, but denim being a heavier fabric than a slip, you can still feel it.  I'm thinking about trying to tack that flap, but I'm afraid it will show on the front much like when you try to pin a wrap dress so it doesn't flop open and expose too much.  


10 OCT 2021 Outfit.jpg

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!



If you have a sewing machine, I would attach a piece of lining to the end of the flap taking it to the side seam where I would machine stitch it to the side seam allowance.


The panel would need to be hemmed and would just be a lightweight extension.

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

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Another warm day here. Had PT & did a bit of shopping. Really hoping I can stop wearing shorts soon. 🤞

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend! 

Kohl's Croft & Barrow tee

Lee shorts

Keds boat shoes



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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

@Andreatoo   There is no such thing as loyalty in the work force these days, every man or woman for themselves it seems.  But after 20 years, I hope he has the decency to give you ample severance.

Sometimes things like this work out for the very best. I've seen it happen alot. Trite but true. Hope your health continues stable and you find a job you love.

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

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@Andreatoo so happy to hear your condition has stabilized!  And good luck with your new doctor.  Hope you can continue to get strong and get better soon.


Can't believe your former boss.  I suppose things may be hard for them now too.  Still so disappointing.

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Re: Outfit of the day, if you dare!

@Andreatoo @NYCLatinaMe @MoJoV @wilma 



Hope everyone is doing well.  We're at the beginning of a cold snap, 62 degrees with cool 17 mph winds.  At our house, we now have buckets of dry, brown leaves, courtesy of the wind!  


I didn't remember the weather was supposed to be like it is today, I wore a "V" neck tee in royal blue, and a tunic from I C Collections, a pendant from Chris Rubisch.