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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

@lulu2 I actually liked Michael Strahan's blue tux.  LOL.  I thought it was different but still reserved enough and stylish.

So did I.  Well also the guy is good looking and can pull off anything. 

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If that is Heidi Klum in that lavender shaded dress, it looks more like a bridal nightgown for the wedding night instead of wearing to the Oscars.

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Whoopi and Heidi Klum - MAJOR misses. Neither of them have ANY fashion sense.

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I agree not sure what she was thinking.


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@LTT1 wrote:

What did everyone think of Cate Blanchettes dress?

Loved it.

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Heidi Klum's dress was mentioned as one of the worst by most of the fashion pundit's (including Joe Zee) I heard commenting last evening.

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Oscar fashion misses:


Heidi Klum: she should have ditched the sleeve, the flowers and the cutout.


Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron: Vulgar cut-down-to-there dresses front and back. Tim Gunn was right!


Whoopie Goldberg: Cover up the tattoo, nobody wants to see it!