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Just wondering if anyone has had problems with the hardware on their Oryany bags.   I had read numerous comments from people who had the O ring break but thought they would have resolved that by now.  I bought the "Rachel" bag and had no problems with it, until one night at a birthday dinner, the O ring broke and my bag fell off my shoulder and all over the restaurant floor,  


As I mentioned previously, this is not a new problem for the Oryany brand, so I have to wonder if they are using inferior materials for the QVC handbags.  Can't imagine this being tolerated by the customers who buy them at Neiman Marcus.

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I have one of their bags and I think they are very heavy with the oversized hard ware on the cross body strap. Thank goodness the hand bag I have you can remove the strap, I have not had a problem with the o rings breaking though.

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I know that I had to sit on my hands earlier , because I wanted the one time only bag in gray.

I do not in any way need it. , but I'm a sucker for handbags and anything gray . I'll just tell

myself that the hardware would break, so I'm better off !

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