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Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

I'm kind of "straight" up and down in my waist and hips. My waist is 38" and hips are 39 1/2". I don't have a bulging belly; I'm just thick in the waist.


If I buy to fit my hips, the waist will be too small. If I buy to fit my waist, the hips and legs are huge on me. 


I try to stick to mid-rise or low rise, but these days high rise seems to be the trend. 


To add to my finicky preferences, I don't like any more stretchiness than 98% cotton denim and 2% elastane; otherwise, everything is droopy and baggy after wearing for only an hour or so. I also prefer straight-leg jeans that are ankle length or full length.


If you have this same issue or preferences, can you recommend any jeans that work well for you?

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

@AussieLuvr   I've had the same struggle (and sounds like pretty much a similar shape) as you and it has been a nightmare to find jeans that fit over the years.  I finally started buying men's jeans in a relaxed fit where I can choose the waist measurement and length.  I still have to try them on and they don't always work but I've had better luck this way.  You don't get some of the cuter female styles but at least I have jeans that fit now.  I've purchased some at Penney's, Kohl's, Target and just recently I was in our local Goodwill type store and found 2 pair for $7.00.  One is my regular go to jean now.


I feel your pain....the struggle is (definitely) real!!  Good luck!

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

@AussieLuvr    lol.  I can't imagine anyone has found a jean that meets all those specifications.  Good luck. 

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

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I feel your pain too.  I think I need to give up and have someone custom make my jeans and pants.  There is so much fabric in the legs these days.  With all of the spandex and whatever else they use to make them stretchy, the extra fabric just swirls around and forms rolls of fabric wrinkles on my upper thighs in back.  The material doesn't drape and hang straight down and I guess that's the spandex at work.  Who knows but I don't like not being able to find jeans that fit.  I like to look good from the front and the back.

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right


I would think that men's jeans or a tailor are your best options.  I did find that Lee jeans are 100% cotton, in a straight leg, relaxed fit.  Here is the size chart.  As you can see, if you fit the waist, the hips would need to be taken in quite a lot.


They are having a BOGO sale now.


Women's 100% Cotton Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean | Women's Jeans | Lee®

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

@AussieLuvr  Try a western wear store. They carry both women's and men's styles and multiple brands. Jeans are their specialty. Tell the salesperson your fit problems. They are usually very knowledgeable and may have just what you need.

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

@AussieLuvr   From what I see and hear on HSN Diane Gilman seems to make jeans for your body type.  Never bought any because I'm not her target body type.  Maybe worth a look.





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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

@AussieLuvr  I also won't buy jeans that contain more than 2% elastane (spandex). Jeans with more than that stretch out, constantly need to be pulled up, droop,  don't wear well, they just don't last.  I wish you luck finding jeans you like.

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

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I have a very similar shape as you - just a couple of inches slimmer - with a short rise.


For years - I bought men's chinos and jeans.  


When elastic waist became popular - I bought/buy by hip measurement and turned the waistband and tacked it down .... still doing that on the D&C original waist pants.


Recently - I tried some LOGO jeans that were low rise and not much dfference between hip/waist numbers.  I had a bit of gap at back waist - so i got a couple of those "no buckle belts" - works out well.


But - the easiest - buy mens chino's and jeans.  

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Re: Opinions on finding jeans that fit right

I have a straight up and down shape as well, with thin legs and a small behind. It is incredibly difficult to find jeans and pants that fit correctly. In addition, a lot of jeans are now labeled "curvy" which makes the situation worse. I always had great success with slim leg and skinny leg jeans, and on the other end of the spectrum, the new wide leg pants look really good too. It's the straight leg that give me a problem and never look right. Believe it or not, the most flattering jeans I found were at BJ's (it's like Costco), and the brand is Seven7. They tend to be a little bigger in the waist and slimmer in the hips, which is exactly what I need.