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No photo description available.


Available in two colors at Coldwater Creek-

image of Openwork Cardigan, Burnt Sienna 2

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I saw pretty.

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I saw it as well.  I'd like a dark color.

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It reminds me of a big doily.  Smiley Wink

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I love it, especially the one in a natural color; beautiful. 

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Its pretty but I'm sick of open-front drapey cardigans. 

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never been a fan of openwork.....

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I think they are both really pretty, and I agree I am sick of open front cardigans, but I like this.  


There was a recent TSV that was fleece for cold weather, that was open front. I don't understand why people buy something for cold weather that can't be buttoned or zipped up. 

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Both colors are pretty!

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love the hand crafted look of this cardigan...especially the natural but they are both pretty.  (I know it isn't a Sundance offer, but it could be).  


Hope all is well in your world @lolakimono ....I know schools are a challenging hotbed these days....sending you wishes for patience and joyHeart