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I wish they'd show their clothing items on models.  It's hard to picture what things would look like on & what the fit is like when they're photographed just hanging or laying on something.

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I had a very similar cardigan from Antthony I bought on HSN years ago.  I don't know what possessed me to buy it as I never wore it once.  I recently put it in a donation bag.

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It's lovely. It's very feminine, appearing of an earlier time, like something from a vintage shop.  


Would love to have the natural color, but I doubt I'd wear it often enough to consider purchasing. You couldn't just throw it on over anything. 


Coldwater Creek has some unique items. You don't see yourself coming and going.


I have a jean jacket from there that has people stopping me everywhere I go asking where I got it. I've never seen one even remotely close to it.  It's beautiful.

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Re: Openwork Cardigan

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That style cardigan is really easy to make.  Over the years, I've made both knit and crochet versions.   


Basically - it's a knitted or crocheted flat circular piece.  There are "slits" left on either side of the circle and sleeves added later.


Leave off the sleeves and use a colorful variegated yarn - you can make yourself a really "jazzy" vest.



For knitters and crocheters .... 


Garnstudio dot com is one of the many websites where you can find patterns for circular cardigans.


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It does and it's made the same way - large open-work circle.  


@RooRoo wrote:

It reminds me of a big doily.  Smiley Wink


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Love that cardigan. It looks good in dark or light, and is something I would wear. 

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I have been debating whether to get this lovely sweater or not.  It's pricey, but so gorgeous!

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Love both.  


The second one is a very unique color, which I love.

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It's very pretty. I really like the shawl collar and the details in the back. Alas, open front, cascading sweaters are on my do not buy list. And of course, I have seen many of them in pretty colors I like. But I am really trying to keep to my resolution to buy fewer items now that I am retired.
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I really like the second one in that color.

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