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The slub knit midi was looking cute until Lori started throughing everything she could reach on the models and the dresses hanging on the display rack.  I would wear it without the additional layers, but on the other hand, I am one who always starts out wearing a sweater or jacket with my outfits, even if the thermometers are reading 90-degrees+.  

I was glad she did that - she's styling to give us ideas - not that we need to dress exactly like that.  I wouldn't myself have thought to put a top on over the dress so it looked like a skirt.  I love that idea and makes us have more bang for the buck to do more than one thing with a dress.   I liked seeing that and, as I say, wouldn't have thought to wear it that way; it was helpful to see that it worked and was cute.  


@Trix  You don't like the presentations? Don't watch them.  Simple solution.

That last comment was uncalled for.  I can watch and comment about what I saw.  Furthermore, nothing I said was an uncomplimentary to the brand or a personal attack towards Ms. Goldstein. I wanted to see this specific dress front, back, and sideways on the models without anything else in the way.  I do not require stying ideas from Ms. Goldstein to know what to do with a dress to gain more looks from it.  You should have ended your post after your first paragrapgh which was fine and perfectly acceptable as a counterpoint to my opinion.      


I do not plan to heed your advice and not watch Logo shows because I do like the items, and prefer to see them presented on air to make my purchase decisions.  I will continue to watch, and if I have something to say... comment about the shows.  By the way, not that it maters in this exchange, but it was only because the Stanley Cup Play-Off game, which I was watching, was in a break that I happened to click into QVC and see the dress presentation.    

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I don't like them because they are fashionable. Neither do I like them because they were conceived by and sold by a designer. I do not typically wear clothes that are in fashion unless it is an accident. 


I like them because they make me feel like me. I have been wearing this look since the 60s in one form or another. Seeing the colors in my peripheral vision through the day lifts my spirits. I am supremely comfortable in them, get many complements, and do not look extremely different from many of the women I see on the street. I just combine them in a way that is me. 


It it is so simple. I think most women wear what they wear for the same reasons regardless of their own personal style. These clothes just happen to fit mine and go well with Eileen Fisher, Spirithouse, and other brands I typically buy.  

That made me smile, @jewel3. I, too, buy what I like and hope it flatters.  If what's trending is not for me, I just think, "this too shall pass."