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@NameAlreadyTaken  I order a lot of Talbots merchandise online and what you've described (selling out of stock merchandise) has only happened to me once. I was not a happy camper. Most of my items come from their warehouse, but some come from their stores. They're all fine, regardless of the source. 

I've been shopping the sale this week and noticed something odd this morning. Even though I entered my size in the filters, items came up that were sold out in all colors in my size. This was frustrating, but I'll survive. The problem may be that their system was overwhelmed by demand during the sale. However, higher demand is something they should have anticipated and prepared for. Despite these issues, I'll continue to shop at Talbots because I like their clothing better than most of what's available elsewhere.

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Some stores, Talbots included, sell their store inventory on line when they have those big clearance sales.


When you order something, if inventory is not available in their warehouse, it is sent from individual stores all over the country.  There is a pretty accurate inventory list of whet is available in each store, but sometimes a customer walks in and purchases the item before it is picked and packaged to the online consumer. Also, local customers return items, so this creates problems with an accurate inventory. 


Last spring, I ordered 17 tee shirts on line from another retailer who also does this.  They all arrived packaged individually from all over the USA and on different days.


Most of the time, this works out, but there is no guarantee that your items will be in stock and sent.  It is a small inconvenience to get clothing at rock bottom prices and wouldn't deter me from ordering.

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@San Antonio Gal 


I was not very clear.  I was not frustrated - I meant it was frustating to order and not get the product for the previous poster.


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I never usually find anything I want in my size on the final sales but this time they has a couple of sweaters that I already owned and liked so I got several more colors to layer.  Everything was in pristine condition.  I also picked up a couple of silk scarves.  

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Re: On my Talbot's soapbox

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@NameAlreadyTaken It's all "On the cloud" and has to be received.  I know exactly what you're saying.  Unfortunately, things can't simultaneously update.  It's a matter of physics.  While you're ordering, a person is in line with it in their hand to purchase.