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Re: On-Line Customer Service

@Iwantcoffee wrote:

When I purchase a product I agree to pay the price when I check out. If an item is more than I want to pay I would not purchase. I certainly do not want them to bill me more if price goes up after I buy.

Yes, this is normally the case.  However, I wasn't notified of the sale until about 6:30pm that same day the sale started.  I purchased the items in the morning from an email the company sent me that day w/no mention of the F&F sale.  The email I received later on that same day states the sale starts on that day, the same day I purchased my items.  No mention of a specific time of day the sale would start.  Certainly if I HAD KNOWN of the F&F sale, I wouldn't have purchased the item at full price.  Weird situation which I've not experienced before, but for the company to not make good on the sale which did start that day, that is what I find most unacceptable.

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Re: On-Line Customer Service

@newagain888888  I've been a retail regional manager for longer than I care to admit and unfortunately retail companies are not as willing to accommodate customers as they used to be and even more so after this past year.  This includes the company I have worked for for almost 10 years now.
Companies are much more likely to hold to their policies, especially with things like price adjustments.   I know that is not something most customers are happy about, but at this time especially it is accurate. 

I would not agree with saying it is discriminatory in any event.  Unfair possible, but not discriminatory.