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Re: Old Navy Luxe Crew Neck T Shirt

@Greeneyedlady21 I too like some of the Old Navy t shirts and have several from last year.  I have yet to explore their website this summer.  Get behind me Satan as I am sure I will be tempted to purchase!

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Re: Old Navy Luxe Crew Neck T Shirt

@Greeneyedlady21, thanks for the heads up. I ordered 3...olive, maroon, and navy. I can always use new Tees, and the price can't be beaten. 

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Re: Old Navy Luxe Crew Neck T Shirt

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@Snicks1 The olive is a nice shade of olive and the maroon is so pretty. I hope you'll like them. For me the fit is perfect. They have a curved hem, a bit longer in the back but nothing extreme. Sleeves not too short, skims the body so nicely. Not boxy at all.


I'm thinking about getting the navy. My navy t shirt has seen better days. It's a Tommy Hilfiger. I have three TH rayon spandex t shirts and the Old Navy luxe t shirts are just as good if not better.

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Re: Old Navy Luxe Crew Neck T Shirt

I used to get Old Navy and other email newsletters..........but just lost my A*&* email account........they are 'updating' their security, and mine is gone.  I tried to reinstate it, on their Support site, but no luck.  Too tired to sit on the phone for two hours (happened a few years ago).  Oh, well.  Probably better that I don't receive newsletter emails, anyway. lol


Anyway, the Old Navy newsletter sales only seemed to be good for one day.  And I ended up missing great sales.  Two day sales would be much appreciated by me.


Love Old Navy, and I'm looking forward to one day visiting our nearby store!

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