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Offering different rises in their pants

I got a pair of the Denim and Co. pull on pants and had to return them. The waist was up around my mid chest. I wonder why Denim and Co. does not offer different rises in their pants? I was just at the store determined to find a pair of jeans. I tried on a good 10 pair before finding "the" pair. They had low rise, mid rise, high rise, boot cut, straight cut, skinny, curvy and on and on.

Denim and Co. needs to get with it and offer different rise options in their pants. Please!!!

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Re: Offering different rises in their pants

I agree there should be different rises offered. If not in the same style, at least offer some pants as such.  I love a rise between 7" and 9".  Because of an ulcer, acid reflux and general upper stomach pain, I cannot wear pants with a rise higher than 9".  I spend so much money on pants I order through QVC because once I receive them, I HAVE to take them to a tailor or dry cleaners to get the waist lowered.  Such an inconvenience and so expensive.  Needless to say, the pants I do buy I make sure last me at least 5 or more years, and I have to make sure I don't fluctuate my weight by no more than 7 pounds especially is they have a zipper and are not pull on.  Whew, post over! LOL.  So anyone with knowledge of which pants may fit my bill, please let me know.  Thank you!

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Re: Offering different rises in their pants

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I wind up buying a lot of Junior pants because I am still the same size I was in high school, and simply REFUSE to buy or wear Mom Pants. Low to mid rise is the most flattering to me.

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