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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

Mine looked like the Queen Mother. Dressed like her too..My BFF told me I had the youngest looking Grandma...He GM wore a bun and a shapeless sack of a dress. She was a nice lady, but she looked dumpy

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

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@kitcat51 wrote:

Your grandma, not a grandma...mine wore a cotton house dress, white anklet socks with heavy black laced shoes everyday & on Sunday she added pearls. I'm 68 & don't want my granddaughters to dress like me...I wear sensible, they should wear fun. No insult was intended.


OMG mine wore the same outfit!!! Did she have short fluffy cottonball hair and glasses too? Woman Wink But where on earth did they find those clunky man shoes? Pretty sure she had a white pair too





Well at least we have something that can be called fashionable today..."clunky man shoes" are back in style.Woman LOL @Andreatoo  @Kitkat51 

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

I wouldn't want to wear my grandmother's clothes. She wore panty hose and stiff polyester for most of her life, even in summer, and if I wasn't scratching and pulling at my clothes, I'd be extremely hot, so no thanks! I get the idea behind her statement, but there are lot of young grandmoms and young at heart grandmoms out there who aren't looking to Thelma Harper for inspiration.
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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

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Depending on the situation in which the term is used, especially talking fashion, it doesn't bother me. It's been used for decades to describe someone or something that looks a bit dated or not conforming to the current fashionable trend. I use it myself and I'm not young. My grandmothers were oblivious to popular fashion and there was nothing modern about their style. Now if one is talking about character and role models for tackling life and all its challenges, I'll gladly take a comparison to them any day, all day. You would be honoring me with a comparison to my grandmothers who were hard working, resourceful, principled, loving, decent women whom I admire.

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

Half of the busness on these shopping channels are from Grandma's


Knock it off about grandmas.   Enough is enough and train you hosts and vendors to do a better job than to insult grandmas.


Because the last people you want to ****** off are Grandmothers.

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

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@shaggygirl wrote:

I take more offense at the way a certain popular host here on the Q talks to her core audience of "grammies & grampies" or whatever the heck it is she refers to them as. I may be a grammie (in fact I'm a great grammie) but I don't need to be spoken to like I'm a child.

Yes, @shaggygirl , she loves baby talk. It was like nails on a chalkboard for me.


Someone mentioned the Queen as being an example of a well-dressed grandmother. I could not disagree more.

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

I am a grandma, great grandma and great great grandma..I have a figure better than some teens I've seen, my hair is stylish and I dress stylish..not teenager stylish..but fashionable ...and most take me for a heck of a lot younger than what I am.  So those hosts and vendors on the shopping channels shouldn't diss on grandmas...some look better than the hosts and vendors....

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

@blueroses47 wrote:

"Grandma" has been  getting a bad rap now for a long time.  You don't want to dress like Grandma, you don't want to decorate like Grandma, you definitely don't want to look like Grandma.


Well, you can't insult me by dissing Grandma.


I loved my grandmothers and should only hope to look like them, work as hard as them, cook as well as them, be as fine a woman as them. And certainly live as long as them (95 years for one, almost 102 for the other.)


When I think of Grandma, I think of only wonderful things.


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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

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When I hear vendors say don't dress like grandma or little old lady, they mean the stereotype like the Vicki Lawrence character from Mama's Family. I get what they mean but today's women of a certain age look pretty good and like to be stylish. So they should stop it with the insult.


If vendors want to stay in business , they should take a note from the vendor Anthony who always is respectful of all his customers. and his intention is to make all women look good regardless of age.


As an exercise enthusiast, I cringe when I hear the phrase, "These are not your mother's workouts."

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Re: OMG! What was she thinking????

I think these host's and that vendor are just ignorant about who their customers are to make such comments when selling the fashions. I know when I was in my 20's I thought everyone over 30 was old and couldn't be trusted. I was looking at my graduation picture from college the other day and was surprised to notice the one adult in the graduating class  was a mom who I thought was an old lady, was actually a young woman. I guess it's all about where you are in life.


My Grammie came to this country from Poland and wore house dresses with an apron over it and felt slippers during the week. On Sunday Grammie would walk to church in her black lace up oxfords with the higher heels, black dress with the white lace collar, her dark graying hair pulled back in a bun and a small black hat on her head. Of course we didn't call her Grammie, she was Babcia and to me she looked like every other little old lady at church at that time. Nobody cared.