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I looked at the program guide since I still need to get a few gifts and tomm. will be bad weather here-icy.I gasped when I saw it looked like another Makowsky day-anniversary?wife's birthday?his birthday?Bruce day?............????????Boy, after selling the three co.'s to a Chinese group for over a cool 300 million(at least that's what been said)and he being the president of the company,you would think he would sail away on that yacht.Never enough.Overpriced and overdone to the point of exhaustion for many viewers,I will never buy his product-too much oversell and the fondling of those bags(I could die)-please, please, can a rep step in for him.I know, all the fans will tell me to tune out tomm.,and I will.The bag you buy elsewhere could be the life you save-mine-a little dark humor.Please, can we have another brand such as Coach,Maxx(lovely,bubbly,Cherie with reasonably priced delicious bags)?Please, oh please, I am begging!!!!