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Apparently the Victoria and Albert museum is having a retrospective of the clothes of legendary haute couture designer Christian Dior.  Here's the dress Princess Margaret wore on her 21st birthday:




So many luminaries loved and wore Dior, including Princess Margaret and the beautiful English ballet star, Margot Fonteyn.  (Slightly off-topic-- his various perfumes, esp. the lily-of-the-valley haunted "Diorissimo" have been favorites of mine-- hope they haven't messed with the formulas like with other classic scents...)


Here's his day look "Bar Suit",  part of his New Look of the late Forties, with the typical tiny (19 inch) waist and full, sweeping skirt.


His voluptuous "Fete Joyeuse" evening dress, 1955



Here's a fun historical photo of him fitting something on model "Sylvie" in 1948:



The blurb I'm reading on the exhibit mentions the Frenchman Dior's fascination with things English-- everything from the gardens, the ocean liners (like the Queen Mary), and Savile Row suits.  Nice that a French artisan of his level appreciated so much of English culture....  And the English seemed to return the favor with him...


Women with hour-glass shapes must have found his "New Look" quite flattering to their figures.



I think such an exhibit would be huge fun to attend...

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The V & A museum is my favorite of all the museums in London. They have a fabulous collection of fashion and jewelry though the decades. I wish I could have stayed longer when I was there. It was fabulous.

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I took a picture of this most unusual museum as I walked Queen Victoria Street.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to go in, but it was so striking I had to have a picture.

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I so enjoyed this post : )

Thanks for sharing ~

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I'm sure this would be a wonderful journey through Dior's designs.  The gowns shown in thie pictures are stunning!

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@oznell  Thanks for posting--love the fashions!  We should go!

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Thank you for posting.

The V & A is my favorite London museum.  Never run out of beautiful things to enjoy.

Send DH to someplace else so I can meander ‘till closing. 😉

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@Drythe   I love the V & A and DH loves the Natural History Museum So we both go our separate ways then meet for tea in Knightsbridge !

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You guys are making me so envious-- when I was in London, I was to young and stupid to go to the V & A.

More Dior:










Gosh, when you see a lot of his clothes together, you really get a sense of how intricate and baroque he was, and of course the craftsmanship, cutting, stitching, pleating etc. had to be phenomenal.  I doubt I'd ever be able to pull off the sheer drama of Dior-- but I love standing back and just enjoying it as art...

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@oznell   Beautiful 

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