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I think you need to be very tall and thin, with a long torso, for this belt to look flattering. That excludes most of the population-- myself included! And, btw, even if l could "rock the look," the price would be a deal breaker for me.

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The OBI only looks good if you're TALL and THIN.

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Omg that made me laugh!
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Yes, this belt will make you look even shorter--I cannot wear a belt that is "thick" and I am 5'4".

Regardless, the price is ridiculous--I know it's leather and Jill said that is the "norm" for a GILI leather belt, but please, don't be "caught up" in the hype.  

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@Jacie wrote:

Dear family and friends:

Please, I repeat please, do not give this belt to me for Christmas.

Thank you very much.

This cracked me up!!rolling on the floor

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Like everything else, belts come in a huge price range, so if I loved the belt and truly felt it were something I could wear well and often, I'd pay the price if I had the money in my wallet.  I've seen the belt on hostsa and models  - I'm quite sure I saw it when Lisa R first started to show it.


But, no, no, no, everyone cannot wear this belt or any belt of its kind and that makes the price immaterial for me.  No fashion designer, no salesperson standing outside a dressingroom with belts in their hands would be handing me an Obi to try! 


I think it's one of those items that anyone hesitating about the look should just avoid - the price would be the least of my concerns!

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I thought the AM style presentation of the OBI belt was so bad. Are they kidding that it made all the models' outfits look "better"? 

Another "style" QVC is trying to convince us of that everyone can wear when they simply is not true that all body types will look great in it.  The ONLY body that looks good in a wide belt is someone built like a model. Seriously, on one of the models the belt was under her bra line and looked ridiculous.

Again, I have NEVER seen anyone in public wearing anything like this.

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I own it in Blush and I love it.  I often wear it with my Blush large collar Moto jacket when I wear it as just top with slacks or a skirt.  I am not tall.  I am 5'3" I am considering buying another color.

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The price is a bit high, IMO.  I just might buy one at half the price, but, then again, I wouldn't like that 'tight' large leather band around my waist.  I'd have to try it on first.  I'm guessing that there are copies made with faux leather/faux suede. 

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Please check your local stores, Amazon etc. If you decided that this is something that you want. Tons of retailers have these belts available for purchase, for the most part at a more reasonable price.