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Re: Now that’s more like it QVC!

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@tototwo    You must not own any Denim & Co. Or you wouldn't say you don't trust the sizing or quality.  I find both to be extremely consistent.  I don't even check measurements on D&C before I buy.  They always fit just fine.  As far as quality goes....I wear mine for years through many launderings.


Absolutely!  The only time I get rid of mine, i.e., donate, is because I've bought new items & run out of closet space.

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Re: Now that’s more like it QVC!

@fthunt wrote:

@tototwo Same thought here about quality.  I'm gun-shy and that includes the other vendors too.  Many, or most, of the vendors  use the same manufacturing facilities where they know QVC price point.  (cheaper thinner 'fabrications')

I have many D&C tops and many Isaac Mizrahi tops. Less than a year ago, I ordered several more tops from both of them. They were the worst fit --- too tight - and that never happened before. I knew immediately that they were all made at the same factory. 

You are SO right!!!!

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Re: Now that’s more like it QVC!

Actually, @Kachina624, I own and wear several pieces of old D&Co.  Among them are 2 jean jackets that I've had for about 15 years.  They still look like new and I've washed and dried them several times.  I have 2 D&Co knit shirts that are older than that.  Not to mention a few pairs of capris.   They still look good.


The old D&Co wears like iron and always fit me perfectly.  But any D&Co item I've ordered in the last few years has been a big disappointment.  I've lost interest in the brand.     

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