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Always look forward to the shows, but tonight's was a snooze. Nothing exciting. And that new cardy...oh my. But I'm sure you'll be back on your game and tempt me next week!
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Every thing especially their silly antics have been toned down since that show when they went on about the planets and were made out to be fools.I think it's difficult for Shawn to censure herself, so it'll be interesting to watch these upcoming shows.

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Oh yeah, that cardigan is just a little too kookie-crazy for me! Too bad. I don't like the boyfriend cardis either. Here's a link to a cardigan I wish he'd do again. I got it in the blue and literally get a compliment every time I wear it. It fits well, washes well, has not pilled.!-Tile-Print-V-Neck-Cardigan-Blue,-Small.product.A233209.html?...

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I picked up the OTO jacket in orange and aqua. I had purchased his TSV knit jean-type jacket in indigo last year and loved it to throw to run to store, etc.

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I can't stand all the banter between them.....talking over each other...yammering about nothing....If I have the Q on.....I have to change the channel when they are together...I can watch if each are with different people....

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I liked the knit jacket (although I didn't buy it) and the purse was a cute design & colors but again I didn't buy. I'm working on cleaning closets and don't want to buy more clothes or bags that I don't really need.

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I think the two of them are perfect together.....they make me laugh.

I like Isaac's clothes, and his tee shirts are a fabulous quality......but I wish LINEA would get its own hour sometimes. The quality and cut are so much better.

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I have to be in the mood for it, but find this to be one of the few remaining shows on QVC worth watching. I personally think the two of them can be very entertaining and even when I don't love everything he shows, I like some of them. The jacket was very cute.

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