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Greetings. Anyone shopping the Nordstrom sale today? So far I have basics like cleanser and hosiery. Haven’t gotten much further. I’m sure I’ll do more damage.
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I’m trying to place an order but when I get to checkout, put my Nordstrom card number in and try to hit place order, it tells me to remove the early access items from my cart and come back again on the 19th, when the sale opens to the general Public. What the heck?? I’ve tried several times and get the same message each time. 

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I tried to log in right at 12:30 and their website went down, and when I was finally able to get back in, the items I really wanted was sold out in my size? Smiley Surprised So I am done, I dont need anything that bad to go through all that!

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Not to wear together; I just love red coats and red shoes.


 Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat, Main, color, RED


 Yovani Pointy Toe Pump, Main, color, RED SUEDE

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 Textured Faux Fur Coat, Main, color, TAN

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I am surprised I didn't get an e-mail from Nordstrom connecting me to the Early Access Sale.  Lord knows they are always sending me e-mails daily about everything else going on.


I went into it thru google and looked at all 24 pages of women's clothing.  None of the items I'd had my eye on were offered thru this sale.  I did see a nice Ugg terry bathrobe offered at a good price but how boring is that?  Not much to look forward to.


So I ordered a pair of Paige jeans that were on a 40% off regular sale item and a red n white stripe turtleneck sweater from Scotch n Soda that was regular price.


I saw mostly cute jackets but I need another jacket like I need another hole in my head.  So because my items were not actually part of Early Access I didn't have any ordering issues.

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I've been on there all morning.  I guess my daughter has too because she has quite a Wish List going. 





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@gidgetgh  Did you sign in first?   My Nordstrom card number is automatically in the system.   Perhaps you have not used the card for a long time?

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I honestly don't think it is such a great sale but then it depends on what you are looking for.  I saved some money.

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You need to sign-in to your Nordstrom account on their website to get Early Access. If you have a Nordstrom card just sign-in. The online catalog is only half of what the paper catalog has and of course not as much as what's available today for Early Access users. EnjoySmiley Happy