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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

It's because most people shop online, so they don't stock stores.  Why would they bother if no one comes to shop.  

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

And that is exactly why I shop online!  I want what I want.  I don't want to have to settle for whatever some store happens to have.  I don't want to go to store or mall for something very specific and walk out empty handed.  With online shopping I can get anything I want and have it delivered to my door.  B&M stores don't have a choice, they are limited to the space they have and they have to use that space wisely by selling sizes/colors/styles that are safe and that they know customers will buy.     

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

I don't think Cuddl Duds is the only winterproofing brand and perhaps since so many on-line and in-mall stores are selling them a few stores choose to sell other brands to prevent a monopoly for those who like choice.

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

@BrandiDavis wrote:

@PinkSunset wrote:

Went to our local mall today, first time in about 3 years, looking for 2 things, Cuddl Duds long underwear/base layer and a warm knit stocking cap for hiking,


4 stores and not a single package of long johns anywhere, none. Went into ******'s sporting goods and they had no kind of base layers either, They did have some stocking caps and warm hats like Patagonia but c'mon $42! Nope, Not for a hat.


JC Penney seemed to be 80% men/boys and a little bit of womens aand mostly all junky stuff. Macy's had nothing either.  Hardly any people in the mall when I was there,


Finally went over to TJ Maxx and found a hat but no Cuddl Duds. They had 5 packages of them and people had opened them up, all in size large anyway so all I got today was a hat.


Went home and checked stores online like Lands End, Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, Duluth Trading Company and they all had some kind of base layer clothing and lots of 25-50% off sales,  Lands End was 50% off. It's sad that B&M retailers just are not competing  at all it seems 

@PinkSunsetJust wanted to let you know that Kohls carries quite a bit of Cuddl Duds :-) I'm a CD queen LOL I live in their clothes and I get most of mine there or here on the Q, but Kohls ends up usually being much much cheaper! (coupon codes, etc)

Yeah, last year I got some from Kohls but they pilled something awful. They were not the silk-like ones but felt more life brushd flannel, and then they wore out completely, I don't really like Kohls stores and find that no matter what I buy there it seems like a cheaper version of what is solf elsewhere,


Yes, places like REI carry them too but $$$$. Typically the stores I mentioned in the OP are for people who hike in winter a lot like I do so they carry good quality outdoors clothing but it is expensive, I was hoping to find something nice without spending the big bucks, Like I said $42 for a stocking cap means that store is going to charge a bundle for other clothing too. 

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

I went to my favorite mall on Black Friday when we were downstate for the weekend. I found everything I wanted and more! There's nothing like seeing, feeling, touching and trying on an item before buying! I LOVE shopping in person! When I'm home, I much prefer to shop my local businesses to help keep them in business! Please shop local ladies!

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

I muttered the same exact thing several weeks ago. 


Tried to purchase 2 small items at JCPenney, but they rang up for more than the indicated price.  The cashier tried to get a manager over, but he was delayed.  I just walked away.  


Second store had a large ad in the window for a jacket, which I wanted to look at.  They did not have it.  Yes, they did not have a jacket that they advertised for in the window.  So sorry, did I want to come back in 2 weeks when they might have it?  No, I don't.


No wonder malls are closing.

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

I can confirm this information is also correct in my area.  I was looking for the cuddle duds ladies cotten tank.  I had to go to Macy dot com as it was not in any local stores in a 2X.  I don't know what I'd do if online services disappeared tomorrow, especially for larger sizes.


My hubby is a big and tall and he has not bought shoes in a store in the last 10 years. Online is truly a blessing.

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

You can justa about find anything you want oline.  Not the stores.  

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

On-line shopping is not the only reason malls are closing.  There was a lot of violence taking place in malls and business owners developed a new model, the upscale maze malls where it is harder to get in and out.  That only added to some shoppers' woes but it kept the criminal elements to a minimum because it was more difficult for them to get in and out and make a "quick break" from the police.  It kept gangbangers from shooting up the customers during their drugged rants and especially in the holiday season.  Just taking the word of a professional who developed many malls and then began developing the mini-maze malls.  

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Re: No wonder malls are closing!

@Nonametoday I live near Pittsburgh.  The criminal element has virtually destroyed 2 of the malls that were considered upscale at one time.  1 is in bankruptcy and the other has a heavy police presence.  The one mall still doing well is very upscale--Nordstroms, Macys, Tiffany, Tesla, you get the idea.  If you have any type of walking difficulties, it is impossible to get around the mall.  Parking is a nightmare and the traffic is worse.  I'm guilty of on-line shopping and have had very few issues with shipping and returns.  I got a pair of Levis from Amazon that fit perfect and were only $30, free-shipping.  I'm a terrible fit in jeans.  My go to catalogue just sent me a 50% off coupon today, free-shipping.  So I'll be ordering from the comfort of home.