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@chessylady aren't you glad you started this topic?  LOL


Seriously, for some (including myself) it's a great idea and practice to follow.  Thanks for sharing!

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Their website is "remake dot world."  This is their message.

We are a community of designers, IG addicts, feminists, storytellers, and all around fashion aficionados, who believe that fashion can be a force for good.


We’re using our purchasing power, our voice, and our creativity to make the invisible women who power the fashion industry visible. We are committed to breaking up with fast fashion and have taken the pledge to buy better, remaking our closets with clothes that respect women and our planet.







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@Carmie wrote:

For the past two days, I have been going through the clothing of an elderly friend in a nursing home. She will remain there for the rest of her life.  I have sold her house and it will settle at the end of June.


Tomorrow, my brother and nephews will come and remove the furniture and boxed up things to donate.  I still need to go through a closet in the second bedroom.

After this, I promise not to buy clothing that I do not need.  What a chore!  Many items still have tags on them.  I'll bet I donated at least 50 pairs of black and navy pants that were new or like new.


She has beautiful and expensive clothing.  I have been buying her groceries for years because she didn't have any money.  She was a shopaholic when it came to clothing.  When you are retired, you do not need a working wardrobe.


I wish I could sell her clothing for her or take it to a consignment shop.  She needs the money, but I don't have enough time.

We really don't need a ton of clothing.  When you have way more than you need that is gluttony.  There is no justification for it.


I am guilty as well, but since I have retired, I don't buy much unless I need to.  It is not easy to resist.

@Carmie It's not up to us to judge others and we all have our own reasons for what we do.  And we all have likes that make us happy.


Some have lots of friends and some don't;  some have familly some not; some were poor as kids and as adults can buy what they like.  


Above all it boils down to every person in this country has a right to live as they see fit if it is not criminal.  And we have a right for people to let us be and not preach to us about choices like shopping.  And to not be preached to by businesses--who should be free to succeed or fail according to their business, not what a few people decide is right or wrong, good or bad.


My point above and my point now.  We are being told how to live, what to buy, and what is good or bad.  And that scares the heck out of me.  I have read a lot of history and that never turns out well.