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There is a group called Remake that is asking people to take a pledge to buy no new clothes for three months. This allows you to take a look at your wardrobe, wear things you haven't worn recently and donate clothes that are no longer useful. You may also use this time to decide if you want to continue to buy cheap disposible clothing that is made by slave labor. Also the manufacture of the fabric is often bad for the environment and the people who live nearby. We can make a choice to buy second hand clothes during the three months and also just wear our clothes longer. I have been guilty of buying clothes I don't need as a recreational habit. I am going to be more mindful about my wardrobe.I know I will get incoming flack from many people but I am prepared for that.

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@chessylady    YOU take the pledge and if I see something pretty that suits me, I'll buy it. 

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@chessylady  I already made the decision to wear my old clothes. I have ordered few recently and the quality, price and style isn't as good as those I have.

   The manufacturing cuts corners and skimps on fabric in the design. Fabrics are sheer and can't  be washed many times. Sleeves are cut small and narrow and hems are too long. Pants are cut for teenage bodies.

   I hope mine last a long time!

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@chessylady  I don't need to take a pledge or join some group to do this.  Have been doing it for some time.

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@chessylady  During the first half of the pandemic I didn't shop for clothing and it felt very liberating. I also got rid of about 3/4 of my clothes. 

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@chessylady I think this is a great idea.  I am going to hold out as long as I can.  I have plenty of clothes and am making an effort to wear them all.

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Re: #No New Clothes

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I actually started 2021 with a resolution to buy fewer clothes. I set a limit on how many items I would buy, and I made a list of the things I really needed or wanted.

I think I could go without clothes shopping for 3 months. I know I've made it 40 days because I've given it up for Lent before.


I love to shop & buy, so it's always a challenge, but I have improved my shopping habits compared to the amount I used to buy years ago. 

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Exactly why I don't shop in "fast fashion" stores or any of sites.  


If you buy items that are unbelievably inexpensive, or at those stores, you are likely associating with that "world".