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@Winamac wrote:

I'm so disappointed there isn't a TSV for Logo.  I rarely buy anything from Susan Graver  Her TSV's look "ok" when they are first online, but upon closer inspection..there's always something "off" about them.  I probably haven't bought a SG piece in well over 5 years.  I buy Logo regularly.


I see few Logo "as is" items, and I was hoping for the last cardi TSV to go " as is" in my size...  It hasn't.  I have only seen one or two go "as is", and Susan Graver and IM pieces always go "as is" in many sizes and colors.


I look at the Logo items in the "as is" section often.  It's the "same old/same old".  She sells thousands of pieces on Monday night, and I'm surprised there is no November TSV due to how popular her line is with so many.    A few of her "as is" items have been horrible-perfume stech and stitches pulled, etc.  I rarely havae luck with Logo "as is", and I only need to buy if there are many in stock as it's been with a couple of the TSV's.  


Now I know why Logo items , as few as they are, go "as is".  They are often defective.

I'm disappointed too.  I thought sure there would be one in November, since the last TSV was August 1st.