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@lmtep wrote:

Carolyn does a good job.  No need to trash her over MB.  

I prefer Mary Beth, and can't watch Carolyn, that's just how it is.

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The only thing that I was trying to say is,why is Gart there.MaryBeth is probably the very best qvc has,she always does the very best of selling.

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I suppose it's a matter of preference, but I personally can't think of anyone better for Denim & Co and Gary than Carolyn.  Perfect match.  

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@lmtep No one's bashing her. We are pointing out the difference between Carolyn and Mary Beth. I think Carolyn is fine but I would rather watch Mary Beth as she is calmer IMO.

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i like mary beth a lot.  she is very good at her job, but not the  best.  leah is actually the best on the Q.  


i love carolyn, and will watch her sell ANYTHING and i did miss her today.  

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How about we let Mary Beth design Denim and Co.?  She looks nice.