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Mary Beth and Gary presenting Denim & Co. today. Very pleasant conversation, with equal participation, and no silly squirrel talk.
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That's encouraging!

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When I read this I was in !

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Mary Beth is very enjoyable. She doesn't act silly, drop her cards, ask Gary "what color is this" and no dumb squirrel stuff.


She is much more relaxing to watch than Carolyn.

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I've noticed that every show is better with Mary Beth.



Calm, cool and collective and brings out the best in show guests...she has that ability to do that

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Hmm, how do squirrels talk anyway??

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Carolyn does a good job.  No need to trash her over MB.  

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Mary Beth needs to make a statement at the beginning of the show that she owns everything being shown.

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I didnt see the show today but I love watching Carolyn, I also love watching Mary Beth.  I think they are both great hosts in different ways.

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Firstly I enjoy MaryBeth,but why is Gary really?She does most of the explaining.Please don't beat me up!