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It's on Evine 736131 for $19.94. I bought it and found it to be quite nice. I went up a size since I'm busty and didn't want my chest resting on the belt.Plus,it's knit so I don't want to have to deal with cling.DH states it looks lovely on me so I will be wearing it this weekend with a jean jacket. And it's made in the USA,ladies.


736-131- Kate & Mallory® Stretch Knit 3/4 Sleeve Lace-up Front Midi Dress

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Love it!!  If I needed a dress, would defintely get this one.  Plus it has very good reviews.


Don't you wish QVC would reduce the items they've had in inventory for years by 60%???!!  LOL!!!




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That’s very pretty. I love the belt. 

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The dress will look good with a jean jacket.  Have a good time.

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@pembroke I love the color and the belt is a nice touch too.

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