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@Pearlee wrote:

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I have 1 shirt similar to the logo line, I bougt it at Ross for $9.00! Why? Well because I am smart enough to know cheap looking clothing when I see it. It is casual wear and I like it for weekends. Did anyone see the show the other day when they said in "other stores Lori could fetch $10,000 for her shirt they were presenting???? Omg, you have got to be kidding me!

I think we LOGO clothes lovers were just highly insulted.

@Pearley, it only feels insulting if you let it in. I read something like you quoted and just roll my eyes and giggle.  Just be thankful that you try to lift others up rather than tearing them down. I guess we can't ALL be sweetness and light! Woman LOL  


I've bought those $9.00 tops, too, but find that they don't compare equally to Logo. She will never have that awakening because she will never buy one of Lori's pieces. It just leaves more inventory for those that do! As far as the $10k top goes, I think I've heard hyperbole whenever I've watched any shopping channel presentation. It's called sales. 

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To me, this Graver shirt doesn't have the Logo loose look at all. I see it as almost preppy, like a "duet" that looks like a layered shirt underneath a sweater, with a coed feel.