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Re: New Host Katie w/Bob Mackie

@Justshop wrote:

Why not give the new hosts (Katie, Elise, Mary) a shot at filling in for the vacationing regulars on a "prime time" show?  Leah on vacation and they bring in Pat to fill in this a.m.  I finally turned it off...can only take so much of "g'head buy as many as you'd like".  Pat always seems so uncomfortable when hosting alone...lots of rambling and off topic conversation with the models instead of just presenting details of the products.  She seems very insecure without a partner host to rely on.   




I agree with you about giving the newer hosts a chance at filling in during vacation/sick times.  I like Elise and Katie, and I think Katie is the best host they've hired in 20 years.  She's much like the QVC I used to love when I started watching in 1991.  Mary can stay on overnights lol.  Never cared for her with David and don't care for her as a host.  As far as Pat goes, she comes across as a very nice lady.  I can only take her in small doses, but only when she hosts by herself.  When she's on with others (especially Jayne) it's like she's only there to hold the clothes and rattle off the sizes.  Jayne totally takes over.  Personally, I wish they would only have one host per show and very few guests.