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I wonder if there is sulfur somewhere in the process? I once lived in a home with sulfur water and it smelled horrendous! Much like you described but I received a pair of pants from evine once that had a sulfur smell but more along the lines of somebody just lit a match which was not as unpleasant and washed out eventually

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I worked in a fabric store when I was in college....was sick almost from the first day on the job....found out I was allergic to the sizing used on most fabrics. If it could make me that sick, am sure it could develop odors since they seal up the garments in plastic bags for indefinite lengths of time.
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Re: New Clothing With Odors

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Dark dyes smell really bad.  I once worked in an office which was next facility to a dye house, (which was about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from our office), where denim was dyed both dark and black, and the odor was horrific and it could be smelled, not only in my office which was about 1/4-1/2 mile away but throughout the district. 


Finally, the city forced them to move but I had already relocated into another job by that time.  I was pregnant when I worked there and had such bad N&V throughout the pregnancy and probably the dye house contributed to it.

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 I have bought are mostly  black jeans that have that awful smell to them---no matter what brand or from who----got a pair of DG jeans from HSN and they smell to high heaven with that chemical dye smell--no amount of washing with dyi ingredients can get that smell out---can't tell you how many pair of perfectly fine jeans that I have donated due to that smell or sent back---I NEVER buy black jeans online--gotta go to the store and sniff them first---weird, I know but what are you going to do???

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I have encountered this issue for years with both store bought and online purchases. I purchased 2 printed camisole tops, 97% cotton, 3% spandex from a large dept. store. It took over a dozen washings with various products including mixes of vinegar, baking soda, and unscented detergents. After each washing the ensuing airing out of the clothing outside in the direct sunlight faded them somewhat but the odor diminished.
A sales clerk mentioned that the clothing in a store placed near the fitting rooms retains the odor of sprayed deodorizers used in them to mask body odors. Guess where my camisoles were located?!
I have learned that some brands of socks contain the same grade of rubber used in automobile tires. No matter the laundering effort they will always offgass the petroleum odor.

I have been fortunate with most purchases from QVC that are brand new. The odor of manufacture usually dissipates after a couple of launderings. The odor of perfumed hands in order processing of items can also be pervasive. So can the hands of a previous purchaser if I am unlucky enough to receive someone's return.
Industrial enzyme eating products are excellent at removal of odors. Unfortunately consumer versions can be less effective. So the use of good old vinegar and baking soda and sunlight ensues. Or just returning the items after the first whiff!
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I just send stuff like that back.I am sure it is not good for your health to wear against your skin which is porous.

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This bad oder could reflect on the factory where garments are made. Chemicals used to set the dyes, etc. And since everyone demands cheaper and cheaper prices, I fear that the places in China are resorting to using poisons.  If your eyes or your skin burns when wearing, you can be sure of it.  

My go-to for getting odors out, when I buy old quilts or linens: Soak in a mixture of Arm and Hammer WASHING Soda, found in the laundry aisle, and 20 Mule Team BORAX, also in the laundry aisle, and some Ivory Snow Flakes. Everything will smell fresh!


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@rms1954  Make sure you open and smell all your packages coming in.  Good luck getting your money back.

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hanging clothes in basement or outside for a few days, helps eliminate clothing odors.

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I have  Denim & Co pants that smell like manure. I now have washed them about 5 times, once in hot water! They said I could return them but I procrastinated thinking I could get the smell out. Now, I can't even remember what style the pants are so can't find the slip! Return them now and call CS so you don't have to pay return postage.