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Re: New AG jeans Japanese denim cigarette

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@chrystaltree   It's a cigarette and no it's not the same as their previous Prima.  I already purchased the new "B2" cigarette.  It has a better fit, more tailored.  Not the same.  Prima cigarette is cut different.


And slim straight is a different cut than cigarette.

cigarette: 11.5" leg opening, slim straight's are13.5".





My only comment, because I don't ever see how these jeans are any different than what I see elsewhere, is that these cuts/leg openings vary a lot from brand to brand. That's how I took the comment to which you are referring -- I didn't think the reference was to this particular brand, just to the "look" in general (which, in some brands, would be called slim straight) and how it wasn't anything particularly new and groundbreaking.

A lot of people ask that.  There is a big difference.  The cotton is high quality (Supima.)  Cheap jeans from Asia combine cotton with synthetic fibers.  It's legal in places like China to do this. These jeans are made in the U.S. great quality denim from Japan.  The content of these jeans are usually 80-90% cotton with the rest stretch.  The workers are union paid and very skilled.   The color of these jeans are much better then the cheap ones. High end jeans do break ground.  The cheap jeans copy them. They conform to your body better.  You still have to stuggle in cheaper jeans.  The waist still gaps etc. 


There is no point in saying that.  You buy what you want to buy.  

Actually, I’ve already seen your spiel many times. I was speaking to the appearance of the jeans in the photos you frequently post. Most of them just don’t strike me as innovative or special in any way. But, hey, go for it if it’s your thing! (I think it’s the attitude with which you “inform” us that some might find off-putting.)