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Re: Anybody a Facebook Friend with LRobertson?

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Yes, you can post on anyone's FB page. You only have to be a member if you want to get your own wall.


I'm not certain that Lisa would reveal any telling information on Mr. Simonton, however.


Since she is a friend and was a QVC host with him over the years I think she would refrain.


Besides, it is not for her or anyone other than him to reveal to his audience what is happening in his personal life.


Perhaps it is nothing more than he is phasing out to retire. He is older than many believe you know, and he has been in the business for a very, very long time. Perhaps he wants to enjoy the fruits of his labor and do other things while young enough to enjoy it.


If anything serious occurs, I'm sure we would find out via QVC or social media or other news.




@redhead65 and @birdmama,


You don't have to have a Facebook account to read a public page.


You do have to have a Facebook account if you want to post on a public page.





Well dooBdoo,



I stand mightily corrected ! I have committed a major crime, unknowingly. I use Facebook and yet I thought what I stated was correct for sure or I wouldn't have put it out here. I will investigate to educate myself.

Thanks for educating me to this fact.

I'm sorry to anyone that I mislead here.


You know they say you learn something new every day, so this is my "today's" schooling.




 Thanks!   Woman Happy


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Re: Anybody a Facebook Friend with LRobertson?

to join just pullup facebook, fill-in name, make up password and that's it.  then go to search and type in name.  Looked under LR she had tons pic of a 3hr lunch and dumb stuff.  Went to GS and seems latest post was 6/19and was just talking about how well they did last time he was on QVC.  that was just a quick ck.  once you join facebook goto his page and message him or send friend request - it's automatic and will walk you right thru it.  he's got more than one a/c 'cause search also had him listed fasf inst.  (a/c are free)