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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

I wear pantyhose with dresses to weddings. A sheer hose adds a finished look that I like for special occasions. If you want to go without that is fine, it just looks better on me.

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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

If you’re confident your legs look good, go without. I am not and would wear light tan or black sheer hose, if it were me (my legs are pasty white)! 

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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

I am one who believes legs look better, and (dress) shoes are so much more comfortable, when you wear pantyhose.  


It's still winter in the Northeast.  Nothing looks sillier than pasty white, (almost blue) bare legs at a formal event. Faux tanner looks faux.


Since the dress has short sleeves, I would definitely wear sheer hose.  ( prefer dark charcoal, leaning toward black)


Enjoy the wedding.

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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

@Pook wrote:

@Msjmom  Who cares about what is supposedly in style.  I have always worn what I like and am comfortable in and don't really care what anyone else thinks.   If I go through all the trouble of getting a dress for a wedding, I will not ruin the look by having bare legs.  I would be so uncomfortable with skin on skin in a dress!  When my SO's daughter got married her bridesmaids wore slightly below the knee dresses which were gorgeous but even though they were only late 20's and early 30's their legs ruined the look.  When the pictures came out she requested that their legs be photo shopped and they all said they should have worn pantyhose or thigh highs.  Wear what you think would look and feel good on you.  I have never seen an invitation to a wedding or more formal event saying no stockings! 

i guess she can wear what she thinks as long as she thinks like @Pook


I must admit that i am surprised at all the hatred for bare skin!  

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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

Add me to the nude or sheer black hose group for a formal occasion. Bare skin is lovely if it is tanned or naturally dark, toned, without cellulite, bruises, varicose or spider vein clusters. Most of us don’t have that perfection. I have seen many women, some quite young, who have really spoiled their look in my opinion. If they aren’t uncomfortable with it that’s great. But it would never work for me.


Just because something is in style doesn’t mean it’s attractive. Just look at the QVC models in skin tight pants who give us an anatomy lesson everyday! Besides, if Kate Middleton can wear hose without being ridiculed I figure it’s ok for my 70 year old self.

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Re: Need advice on stockings/pantyhose, etc.

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A self-described pasty white woman in a Bordeaux dress wearing black pantyhose? I don't get it. If you're going to wear pantyhose I would wear nude