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Need adivce. My dear friend gave me a vintage canadian red fox coat for christmas.

So I am feeling guilty. I need advice here. My husband and I are close friends with and older couple, Bridgett and Klaus. Bridgett is in her seventies and Klaus is mid eighties and his health is poor. We love them dearly. They are like our adopted aunt and uncle. We have them with us for holidays every year and this year was a real shock. They gave my husband beautiful crystal candle holders that have been in their family for a hundred years. Then the real shocker. Bridgett gave me a mint condition vintage canadian red fox fur coat. Yes a real fur coat. I am 46 and I am from Wyoming so many women had furs growing up. The coat is absolutely georgeous and it fits perfectly. I live in Florida and travel to Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, San Fransicso and will soon be going to Germany . My husband has family in Germany and my daughter is engaged to a German man and moving there soon. I would have occasions to wear the coat. My hesitation is that it is frowned on these days. I know it is very politically incorrect to wear fur. I do not want to offend people but I absolutely love the coat and it is an extremely meanful gift.

What would you do? would you wear it or just let it hang in your closet?