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All I could think about after seeing Megan's the morning after the awards were her three children.  This is not a way to view your mother.



I agree!


In an interview about her dress, Meghan Fox said, "My boyfriend (Machine Gun Kelly) told me he wanted me to wear something sexy, so I said, "Yes DADDY".

Well, that explains a lot.  He was dressed head to toe in sequined red and he has her on display like his trophy woman.  Yuck.  She doesn't have a mind of her own?

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I can appreciate them as artwork and I would say they do belong in a fashion show.  However, for an awards show, not so much.

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Not a fan of the look. I am impressed by the amount of confidence one must have to put themselves on such display. Frankly, some should have just said 'no' to the dress. 

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I don't care for them.  Some look like a beach cover-up over a swimsuit..others just a thin veil.


With all of their money and the ability to wear the best  fashions, why do they choose to wear lingerie-like fashions?


This type of clothing is best left in the boudoir and not in public.


Lisa and Harry daughter did jokingly apologize to her father about her see thru dress, but Lisa laughed about it.  She is such a "good mother."  I suppose "like mother, like daughter."

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Most of them don't care! They figure as long as people are talking about me, I'm good, keeps my name out there! Especially the ones that aren't working regularly. 

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Nope.  Tacky!

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Why wear the dress?  You can see the undergarments so what is the purpose?  Why don't they just show up with their thong panty and bra if they are wearing one (which I doubt).  The let it  all hang out look just looks ridiculous!








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Didn't Cher do it first, like over 30 years ago?


I believe she did, but at least it was tasteful!

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I think they're all horrible! I have no idea who the person is in the 3rd photo, but honestly, a pole dancer starts out with more clothes and more imagination than that! With each of these, there are 2 people who need attention: the designer and the wearer (JMO).

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I like Issa Rae's and Kylie's dresses.  They are young.  If they got it and want to flaunt it, it's no skin off my nose.  Things like this have never bothered me.  It has no affect on my life.

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