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@Alter Ego wrote:
Doesn’t really fit this thread, but the one thing I hate about NYDJ is that you can’t see all options together on the website. You have to click on each color individually. And, if you aren’t watching, you have no idea what color is what because they aren’t called light wash, dark wash, etc. (even if you do watch, but turn on late - not like they go over colors every 2 seconds so you struggle to figure out what color the host is wearing). Or, because they do sell out, you have to click on everything just to find out which color still has your size. So annoying.

@Alter Ego - I agree that the way they list the colors is very annoying. I tried this brand once and sized down, and they were too tight.  I gave up on this brand.

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The color I wanted is sold out in my size.  I wanted to give these a shot because they are a slim fit. Woman Sad

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I've tried a couple pairs of these jeans and they just didn't work for me.  Sizing down is a joke in my case, way too tight.  I did order my usual size the next time and they are still a bit snug.  IMO, the jeans run small.  I myself have also given up on this line.  Overpriced denim is all they are.

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This brand comes in many different fit options and not all styles work.  Some work better for a pear shape, some better for an apple, some better for straight up and down.


As a pear, I'm almost certain a slim fit isn't going to work for me.  I've also never understand the size down recommendation nor the size chart they put up.  Every time I watch a presentation, they go through an entire size chart but then there is a notation to size down.  Is the size chart already down a size or are we supposed to size down after we find our size on the size chart?


It doesn't make any sense.  Why not just make the jeans in the sizes they should be in without all the size down nonsense which doesn't work for a lot of people anyhow. 

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I realize they are really really popular; IMO, the length is the most dated, aging and unflattering style ever.  


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Not a fan of that length on me, I am short with stumpy legs). I have tried NYDJ  brand, with the"size down" direction and they were wayyy to small. Annoying,

Never again. I just got a pair of DG2 pedal pushers, the right length, and much cheaper, and nice lightweight denim for summer- Very happy with those.  

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I won't speak for other women but pants like that are not flattering on me.  I'm an 18/20, I carry my weight in my thighs and booty.  I don't like the look of capris jeans on myself and it's's hot....I don't want tight jeans in summer weather.  I think QVC has had a capris jeans tsv from just about every designer now.