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LOGO was scheduled to show a NEW LACE top last night. I never saw it air. Did anyone purchase item #A227786 ?? ... I had pre-ordered both colors but when I saw the online photo, I was not sold on the 3/4 sleeves in LACE, so I canceled the order. I'm rethinking the top in black ... hummmm might be worth a try. - - Additionally, item #A218292 is BACK IN STOCK in the beautiful GREY ... I have the blue but am thinking of getting the GREY ... the fabric in this is just too - too yummy SOFT! ... Lastly, I received the LOGO cardigan from Fashions Night Out, item #A227463 and am waiting for the dress #A227463 in DEEP PLUM to arrive. The cardigan, in black, fit perfect in a medium and I am a 38C. It was BEYOND my expectations ... it is stunning ... AND no zipper problems either! ... I am closing in on 100 LOGO pieces in my closet. Go ahead, call me a LOGO addict! LOL