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My sister was right!!!

After i thought about everything last night,i decided to go shopping and see for my self,how badly i am dressing?

So,i took her advice on some things,and went to Kholes,and bought a couple things there,and then went to New York and co to see what they had..lucky me!!!!!!

There was a lady there,that took the time to really help me!

She was down to earth honest with me too,and as bad as i felt about it,she also was right,i was wearing clothes that made me look alot older than i am!!!!

This was not in the junior was misses...

I started learning how to put an outfit together in a whole new way!!!!

Also,she told me colors that flater me,not drag me down..

I came home,baged up all those old things,and started hanging up the new!

It may take awhile to replace some of them,but for now,iam happy with the new me!!!!!!

I just wanted to share,that that i was stuck in a rut!

Now iam free!!!!!!!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}