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I wonder if the stores carry all the sizes women may need.  I have a feeling you need to order online to get your perfect size.  I'm quite sure our itty, bitty town would not have a fraction of the sizes needed for each woman in this town.

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They don't. I wear a 44L, it's so hard to find in stores, but I can find it online easily.

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I've never understood how so many woman wear the wrong size bra. Why should I go and have someone else measure me for something I feel I should know (by how it fits). I've always worn my size but just for kicks got fitted and they came up with the same size that I've always worn. 

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Re: My first bra fitting!

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I recently lost abut 15 pounds and had to resize my bras to a 34A!  Yikes, why do we lose so much weight THERE?


Anyway, I was wearing a 36B and it would not stay put, not to mention the cups were "empty."  Woman LOL


If I thought my sizing was way off, I might go for a fitting, but this smaller size seems to be working fine.  Smaller cups are almost as hard to find as larger ones.



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@sunshine 919 wrote:

@shy bobcat wrote:

 Went to Nordstroms for a bra fitting.  OMG! I have been wearing a 38B bra for years and years but was sized at 36DD.  A bit shocked but, the new sized bra fit so nicely.  I had just purchased several Breezies bras in 38B and used their sizing guide to be sure.  I can't believe I never had a bra fitting before. The sweet girl helping me had a hard time believing I was wearing a 38B bra.

I so know how you feel.  I was wearing a 36DD and had a fitting and I am a 34G lol.  Never knew there was a G.  I have to spend more for a good bra now but it is totally worth it.  There is a store in my area called Bras Plus.  This is where I purchase mine. Congratulations on finding your correct size. Smiley Happy

I know.  I'm an "H".  LOL  When I went to Nordstrom for my first fitting after I lost a lot of weight, she pulled the band of my bra away like a sling shot and said "this is just a little loose."  LOL


Once you are in a proper fitting bra, it actually changes your shape and how you look in clothes (and how tops fit, especially if you are wearing a blouse with buttons).

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