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I recently ordered a dress that I was sure would fit..the size in the store did not fit, got the dress, it was a very odd fit so I took it back to the store.....the shipping was  $10.00 which was not returned to me, I really do not like to pay shipping so I purhchase very little online.


The Macy's in my area is changing but still looks nice and there is a nice variety of merchandise.  I have noticed the 'centralized' checkout which I don't like.  You have to walk quite a way from Intimates to Housewares to find a check out...they took out the cashier area in intimates!


I don't know what I will do if I cannot shop at a mall...onine shipping is not for me.

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@BN MI wrote:

I Love HSN leggings Warrior by Danica Patrick leggings 9.95.  Great fabric and wonderful clearance price.  My Husband is retiring August 1.  I have been ordering my leggings the last couple of days my stock pile.   Can't have UPS pulling up when he retires....

I am sneaky. I have them shipped to my mom, who lives close to me, and pick them up after work.

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I need “My Macy’s” but I see the struggles that online and outlets are putting on them. Have to use sales and coupons but with those their deals are ever bit as good as “discounters.” I love to touch, try on, compare and on line doesn’t offer enough of that pleasure in order to make smart purchases, in my opinion. When the big guys are gone, our shopping experiences will be severely changed.
Macy’s does lot to help communities. Maybe they should charge for Macy’s parade and fireworks?