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@Just Bling wrote:

Just came back from the store and it's so disappointing.


All perfume sample bottles have been removed off the counters.  (theft is a huge problem)


48 hour sale, many markdowns but "they" have it so controlled that if an item is marked "special", no additional markdowns are allowed.


Style & Co leggings are now $39.50 which were less than $20 a year ago.


Pickings are slim and not even at that good of price.


Just looked around and thought, "wow" this store used to be packed with merchandise and it looks worse than the BonTon on the other side of the mall that's going out of business.





Mine is the same! Its also in a very upscale shopping center...they told me the same..theft is a big perfume samples...very sad! They said all their sales are online now. I think the malls will be a thing of the past in the very near future. I love Macys...!

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@BN MI wrote:

I Love HSN leggings Warrior by Danica Patrick leggings 9.95.  Great fabric and wonderful clearance price.  My Husband is retiring August 1.  I have been ordering my leggings the last couple of days my stock pile.   Can't have UPS pulling up when he retires....

Beth!!! You and I could be! When I was married...I would always make sure to be there when packages!!!!!!

Don't cry for a man who's left you--the next one may fall for your smile.
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Our Macy's, at the local mall, is being converted to a Hobby Lobby.  It must be a whopper of a HL because that was a big 2-level store.

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I was at my Macys yesterday which is very unusual for me.  I needed a new Origins Brown mascara.  They only had 3 in black.  What kind of inventory is that?  I ended up buying Clinique Glossy Jet Brown mascara.  I hope I like it.  This is what I HATE about my Macys.  The cash register is at one end of counter.  It should be in the middle with access to both counters on each side.  By it being on one end, you have to walk all the way around to pay.  What idiot designed this?  I normally shop online so going into the store was sort of a treat.  I still MISS Marshall Fields.  Cat Wink

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Just my opinion here:


Many stores hire too few workers in an effort to help their bottom line.  As a result, theft goes up.  I was in a Kohl's awhile back that had only a few people working.  No one at the exit checkout.  I thought to myself, "I could just walk out the door with all of this stuff", but of course I didn't !  I left everything at the checkout counter. 

HOWEVER, a few months later they closed the store due to a high theft rate. Crazy short sighted in my opinion.

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I use My Macy's for returns.  I order everything online and take my returns to the store.


My Macy's has very few brand names and in those, just one rack.  One rack of DKNY, one rack of Tommy Hilfiger.  Everything else is their store brands.



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My Macy's is a all over the place in piles

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My Macy’s is impeccable. The only exception would be during a big sale weekend. Customers can be real slobs. I love my Macy’s and would never trade shopping in my mall stores for all online shopping. I do shop at Macy’s online if the item isn’t available in the store. It’s close to my home so returnscare simple.

I love walking into Macy’s and looking at all the new merchandise. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop. The only time I need a salesperson is for checking out. Fir me online shopping will never trump seeing and touching the fabric and knowing what the color really looks like.
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I hope Macy’s can survive. We have one left in my city. Love my Macy’s. It is neat, clean, and organized. Never have a problem getting help or checking out. I have started ordering a few things from their website, because there is an even greater variety online. Shipping is fast. I still prefer to see, touch, and try on in person merchandise before buying. 

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A few years ago, I cancelled my Macy card....wasn’t finding anything I liked....colors were strange, appealing to another culture seemingly.  Found I was purchasing more from Chico’s.  Gave detailed feedback to Macy’s.....oh well.


Then came the blitz of coupons in the local newspapers until the controlling feature mentioned by another poster, I.e., no additional coupons or discounts.  Since I really didn’t need anything, I thought “ just keep it “ ! 

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