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Last year I “discovered “ Hanes Cool-Dri tees. Price was great and bought a bunch of them on sale.

They are marked down again. $6 for short sleeve and $7.50 for long sleeves. Nice color selection. Just bought 7 more long sleeves (everyplace is air conditioned) for coming spring and summer.

They are 100% poly and great color selection ... and don’t stain.

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I have the LL Bean heat keepers in sleeveless and long sleeve since I get so cold now.  Need to look for cooler for summer.  

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I do not like cheap polyester.

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I've worn them (Hanes Cool-Dri) for years.  I always get the "V" necks, size small in the mens or size large from the boys dept.  The men/boys tees are longer.


The price is great w/or w/o sales at Walmart & Tar-jé.  Like D&C, Hanes tees come in every color of the rainbow & then some.

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I only wear LL Bean and Isaac pima cotton tees. But, if you like polyester the price is right. If they wash well and last you've got a real winner. Better stock up @ALRATIBA .

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@ALRATIBA, on your recommendation, I had purchased several of the short-sleeved tees for exercise walking. I love them, very comfortable and not bad-looding,and they take no special care. I think I'm already pretty stocked up on them, but thanks for the notice.

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Re: My Favorite Tees

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@ALRATIBA  The Hanes Cool-Dri tees are a frequent choice for me at the gym and also when I'm gardening.  I like the wicking fabric.  As advertised funky odors and stains launder out completely.