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On 1/18/2015 seaswirl said:

What browers do NOT work well with Mr. Rebates?

i almost always use firefox when i am accessing sites through mr rebates. i very rarely have problems, but if i do, i fill out the manual rebate form on the site after 30 days.

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I just checked my account and it's got all my transactions from 10/24 through last week in Pending status. It says it takes about 90 days to move over, so that's about right. Transactions from earlier in October have moved from pending into available.

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On 1/19/2015 CaliKat said:

On 1/18/2015 Shelbelle said:

Try using ShopAtHome, they offer a 110% rate guarantee, so if Mr R has 10%, and SAH has 9%, they will give you 11%. They also offer very prompt CS, you do not have to wait 30 days to ask for a missing rebate.

Shelbelle........When using SAH, how do you get them to give you the higher rebate percentage you mentioned above, do you email them each time you find a higher rebate percentage, being given elsewhere?

Check your rates before ordering, then if you find a better one, they honor about 6 or 7 other sites, just go to SAH and click on the site you want to order from, it will say 110% rate guarantee, click on that, it will ask you to fill in a very brief form giving them the 411, then you click to shop as usual,very simple.

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For some time now, I consistently have trouble with rebates from HSN, but ONLY HSN. It didn't used to be that way. For some reason I felt like it started when they revamped their website, but that really shouldn't prevent rebates from getting posted. I've used different computers with different security and it happens on each. I may also have tried using both Firefox and IE. I do always try and contact them for a manual rebate but you would think if this happened to so many people, they might think it's not all us and maybe something else causing it??

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Hi Kachina!

I haven't had trouble with mrrebates per say, but I have certain merchants. Especially QVC. I think I have lost a quarter of my rebates with QVC. They just don't report the purchase like other vendors. I have resolved all issues with mrrebates, but this is what I learned.

Sometimes during heavy traffic times, you can disconnect from mrrebates. I usually do my shopping, then go to mrrebates, connect to my merchant and then continue my check out. If you go to mrrebates, and then the merchant and take a long time mshopping and making a selection, mrrebates can disconnect from the merchant. I have been told it is usually the problem of the merchant.

Always go to mrrebates after a purchase. Click under account summery, then hit 'click summery". It will tell you if the site you shopped at acknowledged your visit or not.

QVC, HSN and some other merchants I do business with take the longest to even acknowledge my purchase. It can take sometimes 6 days!

I have had to contact mrrebates after 30 days twice in my 5 years with mrrebates to get a rebate. One was a Nordstrom purchase that got me a 52 dollar rebate! You bet I kept my diligence.

I love mr rebates and they have gone out their way to get my rebate when I had a problem! Remember, they WANT you to get a rebate!! That is the only way they get paid and exist. The merchant pays a rebate, which is shared with the consumer and mr rebates.

To answer one of your questions, all the problems I did have with my rebate, was during the Holiday season.

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On 1/19/2015 humpty dumpty said:

I found out that you cannot use easy pay on purchases through Mr. Rebates ... so when I check out on QVC, I make sure I do not use the easy pay option ...

This is not true. At least in my experience. mr rebates gives you a rebate on the total amount purchased, minus shipping and tax. Below is QVC;s mrrebate policy

Gift Card and bulk/reseller purchases are not eligible for cash back.
* Cash Back given on first shipment amount of "Auto Delivery" items.
* Wait List items award cash back when the item is shipped.
* Cash Back is not available on items that take more than 60 days to ship.

I get rebates from Nordstrom and Neiman when using gift cards and reward notes.